Our Programs

The "ALL IN" Program

Curriculum covers

Assessing Job Interests, Career Assessment, Developing A Pathway,  Skill Building,  Workplace Positive Behaviors, Interview Readiness, Vocational Training, Employer-Employee Relationship, Financial Literacy,  Social Media Appropriateness,  Entrepreneurship.

This program runs for 4.5 months with 2 sessions per week. If you are interested in sponsoring a program please contact us.

Entrepreneurial Program (only)

Collette teaches "How to be An Entrepreneur,"  a 3 hour workshop. This program discusses how Collette realized she had a talent that could earn a living and every step she took in opening her own company and growing to over 500k in sales and 13+ employees.  

Contact us for more information.

Vocational Training (only)

Collette offers training in Working In A Industrial Kitchen, Shipping, Packaging, Preparing, Inventory Control, Baking, Health Codes, 

Clean Up, Customer Service And Sales.  8-10 week program with evaluations and assessments available upon completion.

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