Our Programs

The "ALL IN" Program

Assessing Job Interests, Career Assessment, Developing A Pathway, Skill Building, Workplace Positive Behaviors, 

Interview Readiness, Vocational Training, Employer-Employee Relationship, Financial Literacy, Social Media Appropriateness, 


This program runs for 4.5 months with 2 sessions per week, 3 hours per session, 108 hours 

Minimum Students : 5

Maximum Students : 12 

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Entrepreneurial Program

Collette teaches "How to be An Entrepreneur," a 3 hour workshop. This program discusses how Collette realized she had a talent 

that could earn a living and every step she took in opening her own company and growing to over 500k in sales and 13+ employees. 

You will learn all the steps needed to start a company and build a marketing strategy.

This program runs for 1 day, 3 hour session

Minimum Students: 1

Maximum : 12 (parents and advocates welcomed)

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Vocational Training

Collette offers training in working in an Industrial Kitchen, making dough, measuring, using scales, commercial mixers, ovens, fans, 

dishwasher, sanitizing, health codes, working in shipping, packaging, labeling, product and Inventory control, boxing, shipping couriers, 

customer service and sales.  10 week program with evaluations and assessments available upon completion.

This program runs 10 weeks, 3 days per week, 15 hours per week, 150 hours total

No Minimum

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