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How to Become An Entrepreneur Workshop

Learn how Collette got started and every step necessary to start a company.  Collette and her Mom Rosemary, also an entrepreneur, will help you understand startup mode and how to develop your idea into a business.  Collette and Rosemary will also research with you to find your "niche", and learn how startups today succeed and also how they fail!  

You will also learn how to develop your product and build a business plan as well as a good sales and marketing plan.

Collette has scaled her company to over $700k in sales and has created 15  jobs for people struggling like she did. Sometimes you have to take matters into your own hands and learn from these two fierce and determined women just how to do that!

See Rosemary's BIO and online programs too below

This program is offered as Entrepreneur101 is a 3 hour virtual workshop or join our coaching program for 6 months of startup and development online!!


How To Become A Entrepreneur and Grow Your Business Program, 6-12 month Coaching Program

Learn how to get started from idea to inception

Becoming a legal entity and developing a domain

Building a business plan

Learn where to find expertise in web development and logo design for free

Building a website and a catchy logo

Research potential competitors and find your niche

Creating your story

Product development

Product costs vs profits

Ways to consider selling your product(s)

Creating REAL expenses and budgets

Invoicing and keeping records, establishing Merchant Services

Sales and marketing strategy

Social Media – how to, what’s catchy, growing my followers, importance of research and analytics and the how to’s

Programs and Coaching is facilitated in Group sessions, limited space 


Email us to register.   Limited Space available. 

 Email us to register.  Limited Space available. 


your child success IN SCHOOL TO ADULTHOOD

Kindergarten through Elementary School Program - Hourly or 6 month Coaching Program

Some of the topics covered:

Attitude and Fierceness

Confidence and sense of humor

Your pediatrician is key

Early Intervention and Birth to 3 Programs

Curriculum's and Strategies 

Weekly meetings

Learning needs to be fun and interactive

Importance of learning transition

Nutrition – food - performance

Class mom or teachers helper

Ideas to empower your child


Super Kids - Social skills – the importance of conversation; listening, reacting 


Middle School and High School Ages

Some of the topics covered:

Curriculum's and Strategies 

Weekly meetings

Nutrition Food Performance

How to find the right teachers and program

How to get what you want in your school program

REAL Inclusion, what does that look like, and how to set it up in your school

Inclusion that builds confidence; how and why

Where there is confidence, there is greater interest for challenge and success

High School Curriculum needed for acceptance in post-secondary education

Creating Independence

Social skills – the importance of conversation; listening, reacting 

Videotaping and tape recording

Special Olympics and Best Buddies

What Your Child Needs to Learn For Independence and Safety

Services by The State; DDS register and benefits, housing, job training, employment search, job coach, traveling training, social security, and more.

Inclusion in Education in High School...the best path for your child?

What Does Real Inclusions and Success Look Like, Hourly or 3 month Coaching Program

Rosemary Alfredo shares her stories in raising Collette,  and the paths she chose for  the best possible outcome for her daughter.  The successes of Collette now as an entrepreneur running her own cookie empire  with 15 employees,  becoming a global speaker,  often seen in the media and being determined to help others with their life as she started her own non profit that offers services, teachings and education where Collette herself travels to instruct.  

Rosemary also offers the curriculum she designed for Collette in High School that advanced her independence as well as acceptance into post secondary schools of her choice.

You are encouraged to bring your questions and personal stories. Rosemary offers on going support to families she feels she can help or advise.

Rosemary's Book , The Best Possible Life For Your Child With Special Needs...the 14 steps every parent should know will be available at your workshop!

This program runs for 1 day, 3 hour session, on location and online!

 Email us to register.   Limited Space available. 


Training Programs

Vocational Training

Work training in Collettey's Cookies with Collette , 8 weeks

Learn all her strategies and secrets to success! Collettey's offers training in working in an Industrial Kitchen, making dough, measuring, using scales, commercial mixers, ovens, fans,  dishwasher, sanitizing, health codes,  shipping, packaging, labeling, product and Inventory control, boxing, shipping couriers, customer service and sales.  And if that's not enough, develop a sense for PR and the media, because you just may be in the media with Collette!

8 week program with evaluations and assessments available upon completion.

This program runs 8 weeks, 2 sessions per week

 Email us to register.  Limited Space available. 


The "ALL IN" Program

Jump on with Collette and work side by side with her, 8 weeks

She and her team will work with you assessing job interests, doing a career assessment, help you to developing your pathway, work on skill building to get you there,  learn workplace behaviors,  mastering the interview process, work directly with her company for your vocational training, understand employer-employee relationship, develop come financial literacy and creating personal budgets,  talk about social media appropriateness,  and even develop an entrepreneurial spirit. How could you not with the Cookie Queen herself!

This program runs for 2 months,  2 sessions per week

 Email us to register.  Limited Space available. 


5 Day Boot Camp

 Get In Shape for a Real job and Becoming Marketable

Boost confidence, and strengthen interpersonal and “people” skills to enable them to interact effectively and professionally with supervisors, co-workers, and clients. Develop Personal branding and a strong elevator pitch. Academy participants will get hands-on practice in three areas: soft skills (e.g. communication, creative thinking, work ethic, teamwork, positivist, time management, problem-solving, etc.), financial literacy (e.g. budgeting, planning for the future, comparing prices, etc.), and job skills.   

The Boot Camp will give participants hands-on, skills-based training to prepare them for real-world employment. 

This program runs for 5 days, consecutive

 Email us to register.    Limited Space available. 


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