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Education and Inclusion in High this the best path for your child?

On September 21 2019 Rosemary Alfredo,  shares her journey raising Collette and the different paths she put Collette on through High School and Post Secondary education. Rosemary was determined to set Collette's educational path for the best possible outcome for Collette. Confidence,  determination, ability to rise above the astigmatism,  people smarts and business saavy.

What you will take away

The understanding of options and success aside from what school is offering along with the understanding on how to get what you need. rosemary also shares a curriculum she designed for Collette in  high school that prepared Collette for independence and acceptance into a regular college life program.  You will leave with a lot of pertinent information to help your child.

Additional Supports

Bring your questions and personal experiences. Rosemary may offer you ongoing support.  You will also have the opportunity in buying her book for parents.

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Personal Branding

A 2 day workshop  September 14 2019 focusing on getting to know you! Learn in a more conscious way who you are, what your interests are, skills, gifts, and abilities, combined with discussions on careers as well as entrepreneurship. 

What you will take away

You will learn how to present yourself for success in interviewing and social settings. You will create an elevator pitch on yourself, who you are, and what you offer. You will also learn how to read social situations and understand how to network for success.


 If this workshop is full can you teach another workshop near this location of we coordinate around the same schedule. Yes we can if we are not booked elsewhere.  If those dates are not available for you, we can come back! 

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Employment Readiness and Creating an Elevator Pitch for Success!

A 3 day program  focusing on employment readiness, posture, voice, energy along with understanding and creating an elevator pitch.


Malibu, California

August 21-23

Limited Space Available


Can you teach another workshop near this location of we coordinate around the same schedule.

Yes we can if we are not booked elsewhere.  If those dates are not available for you, we can come back!



"Your Next Star Academy Bootcamp"

An intensive week-long training from June 17 to June 21, the Academy will work with the 12 trainees to sharpen their employment seeking skills

Program Info

 A 5 day intensive program from June 17 2019 to June 21 2019  in Boston. The Academy will work with 12 registered trainees to sharpen their employment seeking skills.

More In Depth Training Info

Boost confidence, and strengthen interpersonal and “people” skills to enable them to interact effectively and professionally with supervisors, co-workers, and clients. Academy participants will get hands-on practice in three areas: soft skills (e.g. communication, creative thinking, work ethic, teamwork, positivist, time management, problem-solving, etc.), financial literacy (e.g. budgeting, planning for the future, comparing prices, etc.), and job skills.  

Job Skills Training

Job Skills Training  Working with several partners, including Collettey’s Cookies, the bootcamp will give participants hands-on, skills-based training to prepare them for real-world employment. These capable, qualified job candidates will get trained on a variety of universal job skills, including aspects of Collettey’s business such as packaging, shipping, kitchen prep work, and customer service. The program will be designed to teach specific skills, while also imparting knowledge transferable to other fields that participants may be interested in pursuing. 


Suggested internship length is 6-weeks for 8-12 hours/week during the summer, fall or winter, concluding by Feb, 1, 2020. Following the internship, employers are under no obligation to hire their interns.

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If you are interested in participating or need more information, please email us at ​​ or call 781-221-0024 for Josh (ext. 202) or Colleen (ext. 207). 


"How To Become An Entrepreneur Class"

Register Now by calling 857-264-1697 or emailing

Event Info

A 3 hour workshop in Boston May 10th and June 8th

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