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Collette's Determination To Help Other's

Collette Divitto, a 28 year young woman born with down syndrome and a lot of tenacity, a self made entrepreneur and disability advocate, founded Collettey's Inc  after successfully starting her own business. Before going into business for herself, Collette had tried for years to find a paying job and experienced constant rejection and heartbreak. Collettey's Inc was born out of her first-hand understanding of the challenges that the disability community faces in trying to enter the workforce, and her desire to help others with different abilities find career success.

Collette  speaking on the panel of The United Nations about her struggles in employment. #MDSC

Collette  speaking on the panel of The United Nations about her struggles in employment. #MDSC

Education For a Better Life


Collette With Students

Collette is devoted and committed to helping the disability community to have every opportunity possible. 

We take our convictions and turn them into action. 

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Collette is devoted to speaking to others to motivate, educate, inspire and advocate.

Our History

Collette, founder of Collettey's 501c3 and Collettey's Cookies, speaks to hundreds of people advocating for more opportunities and inclusion for all people with different abilities. Her story has been seen in over 160 countries. Her mission is to show as many people as possible what someone with a disability CAN do.


Our Mission

Collette provides continuing education through workshops for career assessment, developing one's pathway, empowerment, job readiness, skill building, vocational training, and even entrepreneurship. She attributes her success to her continuing education beyond age 21.

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Collette is working on a policy to present in Washington that offers Employers a Tax Incentive To Hire People With A Disability and Abolishes the 14c Exemption 

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Collette is determined to pave the road for other's and make some changes so people with a disability find jobs, and have equal rights, after all we are all human.

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